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As we talk about your project or if anything unanticipated pops up during the course of the project, it may involve one or more of these add-on costs below. When more fully described in the Terms and Conditions, the section number is provided.
Other service fees that might be applied to the labor cost portion of the project.
  • Expired Project Estimate (Section VI): 2.5% 
  • Replacing Fillings (Section IX.C): $40/hr
  • Multiple/Small Pieces of Fabrics (Section X.A.2): 5%
  • Fabric Flaws (Section X.A.3): TBD
  • Pattern Matching (Section X.A.4): 10%
  • Fabric Manageability (Section X.A.5): 10%
  • Fabric Selection & Shopping (Section X.B): $40/hr & mileage
  • Other Labor (Section XI): $40-60/hr
  • Tufted, Covered Buttons: $5 per button or as quoted
  • Pillows (from leftover fabric & depending on size and style): $25-60 per pillow
  • Drop-in Seat for Dining Chair: $30-50 each (basic, wrapped style w/out welt)
  • Delivery: If TGU provides delivery, it is free up to 25 miles (one way) from TGU's shop location, then the $1/mile beyond that. Ex: One way to client's home is 40 miles. 40 miles x 2 (round trip) - 25 miles x 2 (round trip) = 30 miles x $1/mile = $30 delivery fee.
Other fees that might be applied based on cost of some or all materials purchased by TGU for the project.
  • Miscellaneous Materials: 5%
  • Replacing Fillings (Section IX.C): Time & Materials
  • Restocking Fee (Section XV.B.1): 15%
  • Materials Repossession (Section XV.B.2) - 100%
  • Delivery (Section XII): Current mileage rate.
  • Pillows (from leftover fabric): pillow form, zipper & decorative trim (i.e., decorative buttons, tassels, twisted rope trim, etc.)
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